Where we work

Open Doors is a clinical, case management and outreach service for sex workers in East London. We deliver services in the following boroughs:

Hackney & City

The Open Doors team deliver weekly night outreach on Monday evenings between 10pm and 2am. The team go out in a marked NHS vehicle to meet and engage with street sex workers in Hackney.  The objective of the outreach session is to ensure that street sex workers know about Open Doors and the clinical and case management services we provide.  We give information on our weekly drop-in, and ensure that our clients have access to free condoms and injecting equipment if they need it. These outreach sessions plus word of mouth are the primary gateway for most street sex workers into our services unless they have been referred to us by other support services in the borough.

Drop In

Open Doors runs a weekly crisis Drop In service for sex workers who are homeless, using substances, need support to access sexual health, health, wellbeing or welfare needs, such as mental health, GP, benefits etc. We can offer lots of information on keeping safe and how to any  report incidents. We havea specialist ISVA who can offer you support if you have been a victim od sexual assault. 

In the Community

Open Doors works in various community Setting with all Sex Workers, we can meet at our clinic space or a place that you are comfortable with in the community,. We offer support around accessing sexual health, wellbeing and welfare needs, immigration and legal information,keeping safe  and support to report a crime against you or access specialist services. 

At the Clinic
Homerton at Homerton University Hospital:  for Open Doors on a Thursday 13.30 - 15.30.