Support after rape or sexual assault

Open Doors has 2 Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA).
Jacqui or Fatima
They support individuals working in the sex industry who have experienced rape or sexual assault and live or work in the City, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

If you have experienced rape or sexual assault and would like to talk to the ISVA you can:
Call Jacqui on 07852 918 404

  • The ISVA can work with you if you choose to report to the police or if you choose NOT to report to the police.
  • The ISVA can support you by accompanying you to police to make statements or give evidence.
  • The ISVA can support you if you wish to go to the Rape Referral Centre, called The Havens in London where forensics and medical evidence can be gathered as well as to access after care.
  • The ISVA can support you with any future clinical appointments.
  • The ISVA can attend court with you, liaise and communicate with the police and Crown Prosecution Services on your behalf keeping you informed of the investigation and ensuring that you are kept up to date and informed of the procedures.

If you choose not to report you can access the support of the ISVA, you may also want support to report into the Ugly Mugs scheme which alerts other sex workers of danger.
We recognise that there are various barriers that prevent sex workers reporting crimes against them.  There may be concerns around immigration status and a fear of being exposed as a sex worker.  Open Doors is a confidential service that can help you to access the support and services that you need.
The ISVA can support you to access various other services such as health, substance misuse service, housing advice, immigration advice, benefits and welfare services.