Welcome to the UK!

We understand it can be difficult to live in a foreign country, particularly at first.  If you do not know the language it is very hard to communicate, access information, and therefore access public services.  You may also find the UK legal system differs from that of Romania.
When coming to UK and planning to work and spend some time here, we advise you to:

  • Start learning English. (We can help you access free ESOL classes)
  • Know your rights and obligations.  Websites www.romani-online.co.uk and www.anuntul.co.uk offer helpful information in Romanian.  Learn about the law in relation to sex work.
  • Register with a General Practioner (GP) close to your home address.
  • Get a National Insurance Number, this allows you to work in the UK and access public services.  Call Job Centre Plus Application Line on 0845 600 0643 and register for an interview to get a National Insurance Number.
  • Learn how to travel independently.  (Public transportation is very well organized and easy to use in London). Transport for London has all the information you need to plan your journey with maps of tube lines, trains and buses.
  • Learn by heart telephone numbers you need to know in case of an emergency and save useful numbers in your mobile phone.  In an emergency call 999 for police, ambulance or fire rescue.  Call 101 for the police if the situations does not require an immediate police response.
  • Think about your personal safety.  When you are in a public space, travelling, or in a stranger's car, take note of visual landmarks.  Try to use a mobile phone that takes pictures and take a picture of the registration number of a stranger’s car, before you get in.