Trans* sex workers

Open Doors works with trans* individuals who are involved in sex work and/or the adult entertainment industry in East London.
Our service is accessible to all involved in the sex or adult entertainment industry regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
We recognise that people from the trans* community may have different needs than other people and our team are trained to work with these issues in a positive and supportive manner.

We can visit you in flats, saunas massage parlours, hotels and individuals in their own home.  We also see you on the street if you are involved in street based sex work.
We can provide free condomslubricantdams, gloves, finger cotsfemale condoms and sponges. 
We can test you for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. We also provide Hepatitis B vaccinations in your workplace.

We can help you get any advice or services you might need including information about policing and sex work and help you access specialist trans* services for additional support.
If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer or would like us to visit you please call us on 07852 918 404 / 07971 795 203.

You are also welcome to attend any one of our clinics for sexual health testing, cervical screening, safety advice and psychological support.
In the clinic our nurses and doctors may ask you relevant information about your gender body and identity so we can offer you the best possible care.  Intimate examinations are always dealt with sensitively but may not always be necessary.
Please note, we do not offer hormone testing, liver function tests or provide referrals for reassignment surgery.

Personal safety
Sex working can often carry safety risks.  For trans* sex workers this risk can sometimes be increased because of transphobic hate crime.  We have some suggestions for keeping safe indoors and on the street.
We recognise there are various barriers that can prevent trans* sex workers reporting crimes.
If you are a victim of crime we are here to support you.
We are not connected to the police and we do not need to pass information about you, or the place in which you work, to other parties.
We support the National Ugly Mug Scheme that enables all sex workers to report crimes committed against them.

At Open Doors we also have an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA). The Isva can support you if you have experienced rape or sexual assault and live or work in City and Hackney.

If you would like to talk to the ISVA you can call: Jacqui on 07852 918 404.

Other places to get support:
CliniQ  A sexual health and well-being service for all trans* people, partners and friends with counselling, advocacy, mentoring and support services.

Galop gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse.

THT SWISH for anyone involved in sex work in London.

Terence Higgins Trust information: Transwomen and Transmen.

Gender Identitiy Clinic
FTM London

The Gender Trust