We don’t know how you came to be working in the sex industry in the UK and if you are fine then we want to support you to do so safely.

Working in the sex industry can be emotionally stressful particularly if you are new to it or recently arrived in the UK.  Some women find it useful to talk to someone in confidence.  You can come to visit us at our clinics or call us on 07852 918 404 and we can refer you to counselling services that will be happy to help you.

Some women do end up working here because they are trafficked or are living and working in situations they are not happy with.

We also come in contact with women who are being forced against their will to undertake sexual services that they are not happy to perform.   If you are in this situation and would like to talk with someone confidentially then please call jacqui on 07852 918 404 or Fatima on 07971 795 203.  Just say your name and language and we can phone you back using a telephone interpreter.

It is often the case that working premises and areas are involved in robberies where people will come  with weapons to take your money, mobile phones, jewellery and other personal items. Women are also attacked and sexually assaulted at work.

We have some advice about keeping safe when working. These are just some ideas and we would like to hear other ideas from you to update our site.

You may consider reporting the attack to the police or putting it into an Ugly Mug report. Ugly Mug Reporting is an incidence reporting scheme for crimes committed against sex workers.
Remember to write down all the details about the attack and attacker.