Pregnant what to do next?

Pregnancy Testing

If you think you are pregnant you should do a test to make sure.
Most pregnancy tests work from when you have missed your period, or from 3 weeks after the last time you had unprotected sex.
Buy a home pregnancy test from a pharmacy or visit one of our clinics and we will do a free test for you. If you think you may be pregnant you should do a test to make sure.
You can get pregnant at any time in your cycle if you have unprotected sex (sex without a condom or any other method or contraception).

You can get pregnant even if the man does not “come” inside you.  It is more likely to get pregnant in the middle of your cycle.

The first and most reliable sign that you are pregnant is that you miss a period.  But a few women still have some bleeding when they are pregnant which may be lighter and shorter than a normal period.

Remember you can take emergency contraception up to 5 days after you have unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

What do I do if the pregnancy test is negative

Wait and repeat the test in a week.
If it is still negative and you are still worried please call us.
There are many reasons that you can miss a period and not be pregnant – such as stress, loss of weight and changes in lifestyle.

What to do if it is positive

If you want to be pregnant you need to go and see your GP.
They will organize your antenatal care with you.
If you do not have a GP go to our section on how to register with a GP.

If you are pregnant and not sure what to do

The decision about whether to go ahead with a pregnancy or not can be a very difficult one.
Your options are abortion, adoption or keeping the baby.
Call us if you want to discuss these options further.
It can help to talk to us to make sure you have accurate information.
We will support you with any decision you make.

What to do if you considering an abortion

It is important that you seek advice quickly, before your pregnancy is too advanced.
Abortion is available free if you are referred through the NHS.
To be referred through the NHS you will need to be registered with a GP : how to register with a GP.

Abortion is also available through Private Clinics where you will have to pay :
Marie Stopes International or

Call us, or visit us at our clinics so we can help you arrange the care you need.


What does an abortion involve?

Types of abortion options:

Medical abortion can be carried out up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.
It involves taking two sets of pills over two visits to cause an early miscarriage.  It does not involve surgery or an anaesthetic.  You will generally need two appointments.

  • The first set of tablets block the pregnancy hormone.
  • The second set of tablets causes bleeding just like a miscarriage.

The abortion starts within four to six hours after taking the second set of tablets. Sometimes you stay in a clinic during this time and sometimes you may be able to go home.
The bleeding may be heavy and you may experience cramping pains similar to strong period pains.  Remember to ask for pain relieving tablets if needed.

Surgical abortion up to 15 weeks of pregnancy is carried out by gentle suction to empty your womb.
It involves a small operation generally with light sedation or an anaesthetic.
Surgical abortion takes approximately 5-10 minutes. The length of stay in a clinic varies, but it is usually a few hours. 

Surgical abortion between 15- 24 weeks of pregnancy.
It involves an operation with an anaesthetic to put you to sleep.
This procedure takes approximately 10 -20 minutes.  You will be given a tablet to soften the neck of your womb before you have your operation.  You may be at the clinic for the whole day.
After a surgical abortion some bleeding and discomfort may be experienced  similar to period pains.



Some frequently asked questions after an abortion

How long will I bleed for after an abortion? 

Bleeding after abortion is normal.  Bleeding can vary, some women bleed for long periods of time and some do not have much bleeding at all.  Bleeding after medical abortion can last for several weeks – this might be spotting or heavy.  Bleeding after surgical methods can last for about two weeks; this might be spotting or heavy.  If you have very heavy bleeding you should seek advice straightaway.

When should I start using contraception?

If you do not want to become pregnant again you should begin to use contraception immediately after the abortion. All methods of contraception can be used at this time.  If you start your contraception immediately you will be protected against pregnancy straightaway.

Can I have sex after an abortion?

It is important that you do not have sex for 2 weeks after the abortion as there is a risk of infection.

Can I use a sponges or tampons after an abortion?

It is important that you do not begin to use sponges or tampons until your next period.