Introduction to Open Doors


Open Doors work with sex workers in East London regardless of legal or immigration status in the UK.  We are not connected to the police and we do not need to pass information about you, or the place in which you work, to other parties.

The Open Doors team has clinics in East London, the clinics are free and confidential.

Open Doors can support you to access advice and information about Sexual Health, testing and treatment of STI, PrEP/PEP/HIV testing/Hepatitis B Vaccination, Contraception including emergency contraception, Pregnancy testing, Condoms & Dams, and help for people who have been Sexually Assaulted.

Open Doors can offer advice and refer into other services relating to health, wellbeing, social and welfare care needs.

The Open Doors team are available to offer information, support and advocacy to access services and refer into any specialist services.

We are always pleased to hear from sex workers who would like us to visit them.
Please call us
if you are interested in learning more about us or if you would like us to visit you.
     Call  : 07852 918 404 / 07971 795 203