Introduction to Open Doors


Open Doors work with sex workers in East London regardless of legal or immigration status in the UK.  We are not connected to the police and we do not need to pass information about you, or the place in which you work, to other parties.
Open Doors can visit sex workers at their workplace.  This may be a flat or a sauna or massage parlour, hotel or in your home.  We give you free condoms, lubricant, dams, gloves, finger cots, female condoms and sponges.  We also help you get any advice or services you might need including information about policing and indoor sex work.

The Open Doors team has clinics in East London, specifically for women and trans sex workers.  The clinics are free and confidential and we can make an appointment for you when we see you at your workplace or call us.

We bring a monthly publication called ‘Ugly Mugs’ which we are very happy to leave with you.

Ugly Mugs gives details and descriptions of crimes such as robberies and assaults which we know have been carried out against sex workers.  Some of these incidents have been reported to police and some have not, depending on the wishes of the individuals concerned. The purpose of Ugly Mugs is to keep you informed so you can work as safely as possible with as much knowledge about what is happening in working premises.

We are always pleased to hear from sex workers who would like us to visit them.
Please call us
if you are interested in learning more about us or if you would like us to visit you.
     Call Esther on: 07984 401 346