If there is a problem

  • Try to stay calm
  • If you shout for help then give clear instructions e.g. “Help, I’m being attacked”
  • If someone demands your money or bag or phone decide what the risk to you is if you say no.
  • If you think you are being followed make for a busy, well lit area or public place e.g. police station, pub, garage, shop.  Do not head for home.  It is safer to stay in a public place. 
  • It is OK to make lots of noise and attract attention to yourself from other passers by, doing this could save your life. 
  • Consider phoning your local outreach service to report any Ugly Mug.
  • Try to leave a small personal object at the scene of an attack.  You can then identify this later if you report the incident to police
  • Don’t be embarrassed to run away from a customer with no or few clothes on if you need to get urgently to a place of safety.
  • If you have been attacked, robbed, raped or sexually assaulted your attacker may have left finger prints or DNA.  Keep all objects that the attacker has touched and place them in a clean plastic bag.  Contact Open Doors so that we can discuss what to do next.