Expectations of Confidentiality

When you see a member of staff from Open Doors we explain to you that our care is confidential.
This means that we do not discuss your care with any other person.
Your care is specific to you and your needs.

If we see you in your work place we do not discuss with you, in front of other people that we have met you in one of our clinics unless you start the conversation first.
If we see you outside work for example in a shopping centre, coffee shop etc. we will not greet you or acknowledge you in order to protect your privacy.
If you greet us then that is fine, but WE WILL NOT DISCUSS YOUR CARE OUTSIDE OF WORK and we ask you to respect this and not to ask us clinical or work related questions.

Our experience over many years tells us that the sex work community can be small, full of gossip and people within it can threaten each other. We understand that the Brazilian community is small and close in London, and so we urge you not to talk about yourself to protect your privacy as well as ours.