Dams are small square sheets of latex that can be placed across the anus or vagina to give protection when rimming (licking a person's anus) or having oral sex. 

How do I use a dam?

  • Always check that the dam is in date and that there is a CE mark on the dam so that you know it has been tested and is safe to use.

  • Carefully remove the dam from packaging making sure that you do not damage the dam with sharp fingernails or jewellery.

  • The anus or vagina should be wet using a water based lubricant before putting the dam in place.

  • Put the dam in place before you have oral sex or perform rimming.

  • The dam should only ever be licked on one side (not the one which has been in contact with the anus or vagina).

  • Use a new dam if you switch between the vagina and anus.

  • Do not share dams.

  • Never use a dam more than once.

  • After you have used a dam throw it away in a bin.  Dams should not be flushed down the toilet.

Where can I get dams from?
We give out free dams if we see you in our clinics or at your place of work.
You can also get them free from some Sexual Health Clinics or buy them from some sex shops or order through Freedoms shop.