Meet the team

Georgina Perry - Service Manager.  07970956127
Georgina has worked for Open Doors since 2003.  She is responsible for the ongoing strategic, funding and development of the service and continues to be involved in the provision of services to our clients.

Fatima Roberts - Coordinator for street sex work services in Hackney.  07971795203
Fatima leads and coordinates on all case management requirements of our Hackney and Newham street sex workers.  She is responsible for street outreach and the weekly drop-in. 

Kathy Hill - Lead Outreach Development Worker (specializing in Criminal Justice and Health).  07506740609
Kathy works with our street sex worker clients.  She leads on the Court Diversion scheme and supports women who are involved with the criminal justice system. 

Reg Straub - Male Partners Coordinator.  07852918403
Reg works with the male partners of our street based sex workers, ensuring that their health and social care needs are managed in conjunction with their partners.  He also works closely with the TB outreach team at Homerton. Contact him at Department of Respiratory Medicine, Homerton University Hospital, Homerton Row, London, E9 6SR.

Jacqui Vennard - Independent Sexual Violence Advisor. 07852918404
Jacqui works with street and off street sex workers, supporting them to access clinical and criminal justice services if they have experienced rape or sexual assault.

Anca Doczi Romanian Outreach Development Worker.   07506740566.
Anca works with Romanian sex workers particularly supporting our Newham street sex workers. Anca speaks Romanian.

Grainne O'Kill - Experience Project Co Ordinator and Outreach Development Worker in Hackney  Grainne.O' 07769881429
Grainne coordinates the EXperience Project and case manages Hackney street sex workers.

Sue Pugh - Outreach Development Nurse/Counsellor. 07966293419
Sue works with off street sex workers, delivering outreach to flats and saunas.  Sue also works with our street sex workers providing counselling and emotional support and access to health care.

Kim Leverett - Outreach Development Nurse. 07976564539
Kim works with off street sex workers, delivering outreach to flats and saunas and also running weekly clinics at the Open Doors Whitechapel and St Pauls.

Sarah Macauley - Outreach Development Nurse. 07984401346
Sarah works with off street sex workers, delivering outreach to flats and saunas and also running weekly clinics at Open Doors Homerton and Newham.

Nelia Teixeira Brazilian/Portuguese Outreach Development Worker. 07852139477
Nelia works with Brazillian sex workers delivering outreach to flats and saunas and also provides advocacy and support at Open Doors, St Pauls. Nelia speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Pat Overy - Open Doors Administrator.  0207 6834601
Pat is responsible for the logistics and smooth running of Open Doors.  If you have a general enquiry or cannot contact any of the team then please phone Pat and she will do her best to assist you.